Swimming Pool Repairs

Due to the minimal number of organisations providing this service we are currently focusing on swimming poole repairs for both commercial and private customers throughout the UK. We are able to provide competitive costs for prompt and efficient completions. Read more ...



UK Diveworks Ltd has recently established in 2015. With over 25 years of experience and knowledge within the diving industry, we are one of the fastest growing Commercial Diving Companies in the UK. We believe this is due to our work ethic and professional manner. Drive, Passion and focus to complete works to the highest standard gives us a reputation to be proud of.

We have a flawless safety track record and systems in place to ensure this continues. Whilst divers work in hostile environments and conditions can be challenging, Our experienced Diving Supervisors ensure all works are completed safely, efficiently and to the highest standard.

Whether its underwater construction and installation, underwater maintenance, underwater inspection, underwater repair, Swimming pool maintenance and repair or any other subsurface activity requiring professional divers, we have a comprehensive knowledge of UK diving operations and cater for all diving works. Please contact us for a call back service to discuss your needs.

UK Diveworks Ltd has diversified its services to provide the best priced service, without compromising safety or work quality standards.  Our company philosophy is to consistently meet our customers needs and doing so in a safe and professional manner.

UK Diveworks Ltd employs fully qualified commercial divers complying with H.S.E. (Health & Safety Executive) regulations.  These divers have numerous years of experience within the inshore diving industry.

UK Diveworks Ltd holds all necessary insurances, from Employers Liability (EL) to Public Liability (PL).  Our company is also registered as a Commercial Diving Contractor with the Revenue Commissioners UK, the H.S.E. and the A.D.C. (Association of Diving Contractors).  Approved Codes of Practice (A.C.O.P.) are adhered to while working in U.K. and International waters.


Our mobile units are available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year and can be mobilised in just a few hours with a commercial diving team. These units can gain close proximity to inland and coastal locations. 100 metre umbilicals can be deployed from each mobile unit, supplying air and communication to the divers.  Containerised systems can be installed for long term work or for barge / offshore contracts.  These systems hold all diving equipment complete with generators, HP and LP. compressors, dive control and CCTV system.  Hyperbaric Recompression Chamber systems are available for deeper works and more remote locations if required.