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Underwater Swimming Pool Repair and Maintenance

UK Diveworks Ltd specialises in underwater repair and maintenance of domestic and commercial swimming pools throughout the UK. A professional service offering competitive costs and excellence in customer care.


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With a wealth of knowledge, the management, procurement and delivery team have over 25 years of experience in offshore and inshore sectors and are time served commercial divers in their own right. We can offer all aspects of underwater swimming pool repair, maintenance inspection and regulatory advice. Our divers are experienced and trained to H.S.E. Standard which ensures the highest standard of work is completed whilst the highest level of safety is maintained. UK Diveworks are proud of their 100% safety record. As our client, you can be assured that a professional completion will be achieved on all works.

We hold Liability Insurance cover up to £5m and UK Diveworks are a registered diving contractor with the HSE. Click here to view UK Diveworks policies.

UK Diveworks Ltd

Draining your pool v. underwater work

Costs of draining a pool

  • Water replacement
  • Chemical replacement
  • Reheat cost
  • Staff cost
  • Loss of revenue
  • Repairs due to loss of water pressure within pool
  • Upset customers
  • Pressure on management

Underwater work examples

  • Grout replacement
  • Tile replacement
  • Grille and plastics replacement
  • Ladder replacement
  • Striker plate installation
  • Leak detection
  • Moving floor repairs
  • Pool side tile replacement
  • Balance tank inspection, repair and maintenance

Diver regrouting pool floor

UK Diveworks Ltd

Results of regrouting

UK Diveworks Ltd

Underwater and Poolside Services

Underwater repairs

Inspection and full report

Health and Safety plays a huge part of any establishment and swimming pools are no different. UK Diveworks are able to carry out inspections on an annual basis, 6-monthly basis, monthly basis or ad hoc, to ensure that your pool is free from any dangers subsurface. A full video survey is included and any defects are evidenced using underwater photography.

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Underwater repairs

Tile Replacement

Whether it's a single tile or a complete swimming pool floor, we cater for any size tile replacement works. Walls, floors and poolside tiling can be completed without disruption to pool timetables. Using the most up to date techniques and materials, tiles can be replaced quickly and efficiently without the need for draining your pool.

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Underwater repairs

Grout Replacement

Grout fall out is a common problem within swimming pools and poses the issue of sharp edged tiles. Our grout replacement service ensures the integrity of the tiles and safety of the pool's swimmers. Full regrout or partial regrout services are available.

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Underwater repairs

Grille and plastics replacement

We work closely with our suppliers and can source all aspects of replacement covers, grilles, surrounds and protectors. Whatever your requirements regarding replacement plastics, we have them covered.

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Underwater repairs

Balance Tank Services

Our dive teams are trained in confined space and are able to access balance tanks safely.
Our services for balance tank works include:

  • Balance tank clean and debris removal
  • Balance tank Inspection and report
  • Balance tank maintenance
  • Balance tank repair

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Underwater repairs

Underwater Expansion Joints

UK Diveworks Ltd undertake all tile expansion joint repair works. Replacement of mastic joints to Epoxy Resin is a common work scope that we are asked by our clients to complete.

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Underwater repairs

Pool cleaning and debris removal

Cleaning services include:

  • Algae clean
  • Void beneath moveable floor clean
  • Pool side tile clean
  • Grout clean
  • Grout scrub
  • Balance tank cleaning
  • Glass removal

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Underwater repairs

Drilling and fixing

We complete various types of fixings within swimming pools. Our teams regularly drill and fix new grilles, lighting blanks, striker plates for ladders, starter blocks, anchor points for lane ropes and much more.

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Underwater repairs

Drainage Channel Cleans and Grate replacement

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Case study

  • inspection joints
  • grouting prep
  • after grouting
  • replacing plastics
  • tiling

Job description:

UK Diveworks were approached by a leisure centre complex development company to give advice and recommendation on removing excess grout from a new build swimming pool. Due to time restriction the pool had to be filled, leaving a white residue on the black lane marking tiles. We were also asked about cleaning grout lines that had also suffered from dirt ingress. In total there were 3 swimming pools that required intervention from UK Diveworks Ltd.

Time scale:

UK Diveworks Ltd were given just 2 weeks to complete 3 swimming pool cleans within the same complex. 1 swimming pool was Olympic size, 1 was a training pool of 25m and the other a toddler play pool.


UK Diveworks Ltd mobilised 2 x 5 man teams with diving capability to ensure that maximum dive time was achieved for our client. All grout lines were cleaned to an exceptional standard and black tiles restored to their original look.

Client comments:

Site manager Sean said “UK Diveworks have thought outside the box to achieve a superb finish. Our pools are looking like new again and we are in a position to hand the pool over to our client.”


UK Diveworks Ltd



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