UK Diveworks Ltd



Environmental Mission

“We aim to be universally recognised as an underwater contractor that balances our diving works with our environmental responsibility.”


UK Diveworks recognises that the day to day activities of all aspects of its work may impact on the local, regional and global environment and is therefore committed to cost effectively minimising the potentially negative impacts of its activities through continuous improvement.

UK Diveworks Commitments

To minimise and where possible reduce our carbon footprint in relation to diving activity.

To minimise environmental pollution as a result of UK Diveworks activity without compromising operational effectiveness.

To meet and strive to exceed legislative and regulatory compliance.

To communicate the policy, its impacts and influences effectively with employees, sub contractors and clients.


UK Diveworks has identified the following areas of its activities that have an environmental impact and we are working to manage and minimise in no particular order:


This strategy will only succeed with the involvement and action of its sub- contractors, staff and suppliers. UK Diveworks will produce plans and provide sufficient resources to:

Measuring and reporting

UK Diveworks will:

Responsibility and accountability

The Management team is responsible for setting direction and leadership in environmental matters (including the Diving Supervisor), and are accountable for UK Diveworks environmental performance.


At UK Diveworks LTD we are committed to achieving high standards of health, safety and environmental practice.

Our company expects staff, visitors, contractors and other employers who work with us to share this commitment by complying with UK Diveworks LTD policies and procedures, and to understand that they too have legal and moral obligations to themselves and to one another.

We intend to ensure the health and safety of all persons who may be affected by our activities by:


UK Diveworks LTD are committed to this Policy and to the implementation and maintenance of the highest standards of health, safety and welfare across the work place. We expect every employee and subcontractor of the UK Diveworks LTD to share this commitment and to work together to achieve it.


Uk Diveworks understands the importance of equal opportunity. We are an equal opportunities employer. Our aim is to incorporate a healthy team spirit within the workplace, regardless of Age, Race, Religion, Sexual orientation, Gender or disability.

We recognise our duties and responsibilities as a company to ensure we are fully compliant with the Equality Act 2010.

Everyone is treated as equal and we operate a ZERO TOLERANCE policy towards any form of discrimination.

As a company we assess Merit, Potential and ability of a person who has applied for work or is employed or subcontracted to our company.

All company representatives, employees and subcontractors are required to enforce UK Diveworks LTD Equal opportunity policy at all times.


Diveworks Ltd recognise that we must integrate our business values and operations to meet the expectations of our clients. They include customers, employees, investors, suppliers, the community and the environment.

Our partnership focus:

We shall ensure a high level of business performance while minimising and effectively managing risk ensuring that we uphold the values of honesty, partnership and fairness.

Our contracts will clearly set out the agreed terms, conditions and the basis of our relationship and will operate in a way that safeguards against unfair business practices


UK Diveworks LTD has a zero tolerance policy on the misuse of alcohol, drugs and all illegal substances by all employees. This is based on the safety risks and impairment caused when under the influence of such substances.

The policy sets strict limits and any individual in any part of the business, no matter what sort of work they do, found to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or illegal substances while at work, will be subject to disciplinary action. Normally this results in summary dismissal.

The policy covers over-the-counter and prescription medication as well as illegal drugs. However any persons under the influence of prescribed medication should report to their supervisor before commencement of their working day. UK Diveworks LTD will then ensure the individual is safe to work and working in a safe environment.

If an individual voluntarily declares that they have an alcohol or drugs-related problem, our company will endeavour to support the individual and seek the correct help for that person. However they will still fall within the disciplinary procedure.

Our testing programme

All UK Diveworks LTD employees are potentially subject to alcohol and drug testing:

How we carry out tests

Testing for alcohol and drugs is undertaken by breath test and collection of a urine sample through a strict chain of custody procedure. Tests are carried out by an approved external testing supplier either on site or at our offices.

Arrangements are in place for a speedy result to drug and alcohol testing in cases of ‘for cause’ testing. This service provides a test result within 12 to 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Until the test result is known the employee needs to be stood down from work.

The result will either be that the sample is “negative” or that the sample “requires further analysis”. A result of “negative” allows a return to work. A result of “requires further testing” does not allow a return to work.

A result of “requires further analysis” will result in the sample being subjected to further detailed analysis and a final result may not be available for up to 10 working days.

Results of tests are notified to the appropriate line manager/supervisor and HR contact.

What should you do if you suspect someone is under the influence of alcohol or drugs?

If you suspect someone is under the influence of alcohol or drugs at work you should report this to your Diving Supervisor immediately. If you are a Diving Supervisor and the individual in question is one of your employees, you should contact Head office immediately.

Our tolerance on alcohol is ZERO TOLERANCE

Our Tolerance on Drugs is ZERO TOLERANCE

Our Tolerance on any other illegal substances is ZERO TOLERANCE


The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 are in place to protect workers from injury or sickness caused by their work activities where other controls have not been available. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is defined in the Regulations as ‘all equipment which is intended to be worn or held by a person at work and which protects them against one or more risks to their health or safety’ e.g. safety helmets, gloves, eye protection, high-visibility clothing, safety footwear and safety harnesses.

PPE should be considered as a ‘last resort’ when other control measures have been considered and either implemented or proven to be ineffective. There is a recognised hierarchy of controls within Health and Safety which shows that other controls must be considered before the control of personal protective equipment.

It is our policy at UK Diveworks Ltd, that all employees are provided with items of equipment for your personal protection, as required under Health & Safety legislation. The items that you may be provided with may include hardhat, goggles and gloves.

UK Diveworks Ltd WILL NOT SUPPLY DRYSUITS OR SAFETY WORK BOOTS and therefore it is the responsibility of the diver / employee to bring his/her own personal equipment. PPE items are generally acquired on behalf of employees by the Company, and it is the Company’s Policy that employee’s wear the pertinent items at all times whilst at work. Persons may be removed from site if they repeatedly refuse to use PPE in the correct way. Where employees are required to visit clients’ sites as part of their job role, such as sales visits, it may be a prerequisite that they wear certain items of PPE on site. In such cases, if you have not already been provided with the appropriate PPE, you should advise the Company of your requirements prior to your planned visit, so that the correct items may be purchased. Should a person leave the employment of UK Diveworks Ltd, they are required to return all items of equipment to the Company, regardless of their condition.


The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations place duties on employees to take reasonable steps to ensure that PPE provided is properly used. The Regulations also place the following duties on employees: