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Balance Tank Inspection
Balance Tank Cleaning

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Balance Tank Inspection / Balance Tank Cleaning

Swimming Pool Balance tanks serve an important part of keeping a deck level swimming pools water level stable both with pool users in the water and while the pool remains empty.

Water holding tanks are a great breeding ground for bacteria growth. The surfaces of a balance tank are well suited for bacteria such as Legionella pneumophila to grow and develop, which can cause Legionnaires' disease in humans.

PWTAG recommendation for balance tank inspection and balance tank cleaning is for both to be performed on an annual basis. This is to eliminate the build up of bacteria, debris and sediment which naturally collects within balance tanks as they form part of the pools circulation system.

UK Diveworks have fully trained confined space operatives who have performed hundreds of balance tank cleans throughout the UK. All confined space equipment is readily available to perform all types of balance tank cleaning. Whether your balance tank is man hole entry or side flange cover entry, we have the training and expertise to ensure that your pool balance tank is kept within recommendations and ensures that your due diligence is recorded in the event that a pool user becomes unwell through a bacteria related event.

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Register for Regular Balance Tank Cleaning

Our in house built system has been designed to fully control our clients' requirements relating to balance tank cleaning. All of the following is covered by our system to ensure that you need no involvement when it comes to planning the works, executing the works or receiving the certificate of cleanse for your records.

Stored details of previous balance tank cleans to ensure any special requirements are met without any revisit costs:

  • '1 month to go' reminder sent via automatic email to our clients
  • 'Balance tank overdue' email sent to our clients once a 12 month period has lapsed from the previous clean
  • Dedicated team who take care of everything from work scheduling, compliance paperwork, equipment certification and all logistics.
  • Automatic certificate issued from our system via email for your records once the clean has been completed.

UK Diveworks complete balance tank cleaning on a single tank basis or on a nationwide contract basis for leisure operators. Feel free to call us to find out more about our balance tank cleaning service.