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Pool Retiling
& Tile Replacement

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Pool Retiling & Tile Replacement

Cracked and broken tiles are a serious hazard to anyone, least of all when people are swimming. At UK Diveworks Ltd we can replace any type of tiles and reinstate all grout, without having to drain your pool.

Losing tiles within an underwater environment can be stressful for any management team and cause complete shutdown of a swimming pool facility. UK Diveworks understands the importance of quick response to swimming pool tile loss situations and therefore offer a 24/7 call out service to ensure that replacement is completed as quickly as possible.

Our competitive rates and knowledge of tile replacement means that we save our clients time and money on every single tile replacement project.

See our testimonial from a hotel chain where we replaced tiles overnight.

"Our only option was to drain the pool and bring in contractors to lift and replace tiles. After speaking to Andrew, he gave us the reassurance that the works could be done overnight and without the hastle and cost of draining the pool. The finish is of outstanding quaility and UK Diveworks, worked efficiently and professionally. Great work and thank you. (Mr James)"

A specially formulated under water epoxy resin will be supplied and is held in stock to allow our dive teams to re-secure and re-grout new tiling to the substrata of the pool.

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Removing broken poolside tiles ready for replacement

What has caused pool tiles to crack?

Swimming pool cracked and missing tiles may be the result of a number of other causes besides simple ageing:

  • Tiles may crack or fall off due to the application of an incorrect tile adhesive.
  • Shifting substructure which can cause tiles to crack or pop off
  • Leaks and cracks occurring in swimming pool wall and floor structure.

Before embarking on repair work it is extremely important to establish the cause of tile damage as there could be a serious underlying issue that needs to be addressed.

UK Diveworks Pool Survey

Collecting underwater debris

This way the pool can continue to operate without loss of revenue and have the peace of mind that the health and safety of pool users has been secured in respect to cuts and scrapes from broken tile debris.

We will submit our report along with recommendations. Cracked and broken tiles can be easily and quickly replaced but sometimes they may be a symptom of a separate underlying problem and if this is the case it will be detailed in the report includ photos.

An action plan is then discussed and remedial works planned on the tile loss area. We offer either a day / night shift depending on the pools timetable to minimise disruption to pool users.


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Swimming Pool Underwater Tiling Service

Swimming Pool Tiles, Adhesive and Grout

We are able to source exact match tiles in 99% of cases from one replaced tile to a complete pool retile. We ensure that tiles used are impervious or vitreous i.e. the tile will not absorb water in the event of crazing or tile cracking. Due to chemicals in swimming pool water, the grout and adhesive must be impervious to chemicals and moisture over long periods of time. We maintain a stock of specially formulated underwater grout and adhesive as these materials contribute to the excellent standard of UK Diveworks workmanship. Substandard grout and adhesive are often the causes of tile cracking and dislodgement.

From One Tile to Complete Pool Retile

Comprehensive Underwater Tiling Service

Draining your pool can be costly, time consuming and introduce additional risk to the structure of your swimming pool. We can operate without any disruption to your swimming pools timetable. All materials can be supplied as well as an experienced day or night dive team to guarantee an outstanding, quality finish

  • Missing tile replacement
  • Single tile to complete pools
  • Mosaic tile replacement
  • Pool floors and pool walls tiled
  • Broken tile repairs
  • Supply and Fit service
  • Below tile screed repairs
  • Structural crack repairs
  • Non slip tile installation
  • Handgrip edging tiles installed
  • Decorative tiling designs installed
  • Leaving tile replacement can be detrimental to the swimming pools integrity
  • Fast call out service available for emergency repair works
  • Poolside tile repairs

Savings on Underwater Pool Tile Repair Work

  • No time lost on draining out water
  • No revenue loss (keep your pool operational)
  • No chemical replacement
  • No reheat costs
  • No water replacement
  • No risk of structural damage due to loss of water pressure within the pool