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Moving Floor Services

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Swimming pool moveable floor services

Having a moveable floor is an asset that many swimming pools have, both in the commercial sector and also the residential sector. Many moving parts, hydraulics and other drive systems allow for the pool depth to be altered to suit the type of swimmer within the pool.

UK Diveworks are heavily experienced in the servicing, maintenance and inspection of these moving floors. Swimming pool moving floors require regular maintenance to ensure debris build up does not become excessive beneath the moving floor. They should also undergo an inspection on an annual basis to detect any wearing parts, cable damage, alignment issues, security of the moving floor plastics or other floor finishes, moving floor diverter blocks to be checked for security, along with plant room servicing.

These services also apply to Moving floor booms as well. Moving floor booms are used to segregate sections of the pool to allow for 2 different types of pool session at any 1 time. Some pools have 2 booms which allows for 3 different sessions to be held concurrently.

If you have a moving floor and are looking to set up a service plan, please get in touch with UK DIveworks.

Types of works we complete:

  • Under floor cleaning
  • Cable checks
  • Floor Panel security checks
  • Tensioner checks
  • Condition survey
  • Boom checks
  • Moveable floor repairs
  • Re-calibration service
  • Under floor tiling repairs
  • Annual servicing
  • Cable replacement

UK Diveworks General Visual Inspection

UK Diveworks supply full HD videos with every moving floor inspection or service

A general visual inspection of moving parts and cables of a swimming pool moveable floor is known as an 'as found' survey. This determines if a more in depth survey is required.

This general visual inspection video discovered frayed cables, compromised seals on piston penetration and gouging on one of the pistons.

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All about swimming pool moving floors

Moving floors in swimming pools, also known as adjustable floors or variable-depth pools, are innovative features designed to change the depth of the pool to accommodate different activities or user preferences. They consist of a movable floor system that can be adjusted to various positions, allowing the pool depth to be altered as needed.

Moving floors in swimming pools offer great versatility, allowing pool owners to optimize the usage of their space while catering to different activities and user requirements. They provide a practical and efficient solution for adapting pool depths and contribute to creating an inclusive and enjoyable aquatic environment.

  • Versatile Depth Adjustment: The primary purpose of a moving floor is to provide flexibility in adjusting the pool's depth. It can be lowered or raised to different levels, allowing the pool to accommodate various activities, such as lap swimming, water aerobics, recreational play, or diving. The depth adjustment can usually be controlled manually or electronically.
  • Hydraulic or Electric Mechanism: Moving floors employ either hydraulic or electric mechanisms to raise or lower the pool floor. Hydraulic systems use pistons powered by hydraulic pressure, while electric systems use electric motors and cables to move the floor panels. Both systems are designed to be reliable, efficient, and smooth in their operation.
  • Modular Floor Panels: The floor of the pool consists of modular panels that move independently. These panels fit together seamlessly when the floor is in a raised position, creating a flat and safe surface for regular pool activities. When the floor is lowered, the panels descend into the water, forming the pool bottom.
  • Safety Considerations: Moving floors often prioritize safety. They typically incorporate features such as non-slip surfaces on the floor panels to prevent accidents. Additionally, the mechanism is designed to have sensors that detect obstacles or people in the pool to avoid any risk of injury during the adjustment process.
  • Customizable Settings: The depth adjustment of moving floors can be customized to meet specific needs. The pool operator or user can predefine the desired depth levels based on the intended use, allowing for quick and effortless transitions between depths.
  • Energy Efficiency: Moving floors are designed to be energy-efficient. They often incorporate insulation materials to reduce heat loss, and the hydraulic or electric systems are engineered to optimize energy consumption while maintaining smooth operation.
  • Adaptability for Special Needs: These adjustable floors can be particularly beneficial for individuals with limited mobility or special needs. By adjusting the pool's depth, it becomes more accessible for people with physical disabilities, enabling them to enter the water comfortably and participate in aquatic activities
  • Aesthetics and Pool Design: Moving floors can enhance the overall aesthetics of a swimming pool. When the floor is in the raised position, it provides a sleek and modern appearance, making the pool area more visually appealing. The pool design can be further customized with a variety of finishes for the floor panels, ranging from tiles to different non-slip coatings.

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